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Madden NFL 23 isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass, EA confirms, MUT 23 Points
Madden NFL 23 won't be releasing on Xbox Game Pass, despite what a banner ad on Xbox.com suggested. An EA spokesperson told GameSpot that was a mistake.

“This was an error in the way Madden NFL 23 was displayed on Xbox.com and has since been corrected. Madden NFL 23 will not be available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” the EA spokesperson said.

Although Madden NFL 23 isn't coming to Game Pass, Xbox has already offered early access bundles for games that appeared on Game Pass on launch day. For example, MLB The Show 2022 on Xbox Game Pass had a $50 deal that offered the same early access period as the game's Digital Deluxe and MVP editions.

The page, which was captured by GameSpot and can be seen below, also advertised the digital-only All Madden Edition which costs $100. Edition includes cross-purchase between console generations (PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S), 3 days early access, 4600 Madden Points, All Madden Gear, your choice of 2 Elite players ( one offensive and one defensive), an All Madden Elite player and a strategic object. Players who want this edition will need to pre-order before July 22.

Madden NFL 23 launches August 19 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. New console versions of the game receive a "FieldSense" gameplay system, which has improved animations and physics to enhance ultra-realistic gameplay.

To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy MUT 23 Points from our list of reputable MUT 23 Points sellers here at z2u.com. https://www.z2u.com/madden-nfl-23/Top-Up-2-17578 provides cheap MUT 23 Points for Sale, which allows you to gain some advantages in the game quickly. For those players who don't have enough time on Madden, it is very difficult to farm the Coins they need in the game, so buy Cheap MUT 23 Points is a better choice
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